Mkunguni Square

To my knowledge Lamu is the only Kenyan town with a historical square.

Generally speaking town squares are where a network of streets intersect and expand to create a larger civic space, a node. Mkunguni square, located infront of the Lamu fort is at the intersection of the seafront, the main bazaar, and the market. It is flanked by two ancient trees with benches underneath their canopy.

Mkunguni is a meeting space, it's where people gather in Lamu town.

When a politician visits Lamu, the square is the venue where the public listen to speeches.

In the late afternoon, the square accomodates the elders who gather to socialise and play the "bao" game atop of njamvi (palm-woven) mats.

In the evening news from local channels is projected to a wall opposite the square, turning it into a sort of public living room.

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